Play Minesweeper Online

Minesweeper is a free single-player puzzle game that you can play online. Also, no need to log in or signup to play this game.

About Online Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a very popular and old game. The first version of the game originated in the 1960s. You might have seen this game preloaded on many computer operating systems.

This main playboard has cells with randomly distributed numbers and mines. The player who is able to open all the number cells without opening the mines is the winner.

Play Minesweeper Online

Playing minesweeper is completely fun and challenging. Also, you can play it to compete with your friends. If you don't know about all the rules of the game then read the article below to find them.

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Minesweeper Game Rules

It's a logic-based game that is played on a rectangular board having so many square cells. The main aim of the game is to win it by clicking on the safe squares while avoiding the squares with mines. Also, you are bounded by time. So, when you hit the first square cell, the countdown timer will start.

Clicking on a square with mine ends the game. To win the game you have to successfully open all the safe squares containing numbers. For this, you can also flag the suspected squares and move forward. Flagging is not really necessary. You can only use it for the suspected squares.

The first square you open doesn't contain any mine. If you were lucky enough then you can hit an empty square on the first move that will ultimately open all the safe squares adjacent to it.

To start the game, just press the "Start Game" button. When your game gets over you can tap on the happy face(☻) to restart it.

Above all are the gameplay rules. Now, let's know how we can use these rules to play minesweeper online.

How to Play Minesweeper Online?

These are the main six actions that you can take in this online game:

  1. Select level: You can play the game in three levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Also, there is an option to customize the game board according to your own wish. Just head over to the "Options" and select your level or make a custom board.
  2. Opening a square: To open a square simply use the left-click of the mouse on that square.
  3. Flagging: You can use the right-click of the mouse on the square that you suspect to be a mine for flagging.
  4. Question marking the square: Question marks are useful when you are confused about whether to click or flag the square. So, you can go with a question mark to avoid clicking on that square accidentally and think about it later. To mark a square with a question mark, just double right-click on an empty square or single right-click on a flagged square.
  5. Clear: You have a limited number of flags available with you. Hence, if you want to remove the flag from a square then just double right-click on it. If there is a question mark to clear, then a single right-click on it. Even more, you can observe that marking flag, question mark, and clear goes in a cycle.
  6. Chording: If you have the correct number of flags around an opened square, then you can directly click on the number which opens all the cells around it. This process is known as chording and it saves a lot of time.

Some Playing Tips

These are some of the strategies or tips that you can implement to improve your gaming skills.

  • If you are in a situation where you have to make a move then go for the move with the lowest risk.
  • Try avoiding the walls until you have completed the center of the map.
  • Have good mouse control to improve the gameplay.
  • A good opening doesn't mean your game will go for long, so play safe.
  • To highly enhance your gameplay, play minesweeper in no flag mode.
  • Set the mouse sensitivity accordingly and use the CPS Test to improve the mouse speed.


The numbers on the square boxes tell you about the number of adjacent squares containing mines. Using these numbers, you can determine whether the surrounding cells are safe to open or not.

No, you can't download the game and play it offline. Currently, we only provide an online playing facility.

Yes, our game is supported on all the operating systems. Whether it is windows, mac, or any other system. You just need an Internet connection and any web browser. That's it.

Yes, you can play on any device. Like iPhone, Android, iPad, laptop, or desktop. We have designed it for all the devices supported.

No, it's a single-player game. Only one person can play the game at a time.